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Kickfest 2012

How are you guys? Sorry for the late post -_- (again and again)

So, for this time  I'm going to post about my daily outfit. Ya, Last month I went to Kickfest 2012 in Bandung. Don't you know about that event? Have you ever attended that event before? I already went there twice! That event is about local brands that sale their stuff in booth. There are more than 100 local brands which was participated. Flashy and Thyo Pernik is one of my fave!

Actually, I was there for an assignment from my lecture to attended that event. (It such a fun assignment!). I interviewed some of the stakeholders in that event such as teenant, visitor, volunteer, and many more. Oh ya, I also gave some questionnaires. 

so, here are the pics : 


what I wore : Pocket outer - Gaudi, Collar Top - Thrift store, Skinny jeans - Point one, Moccasins - bought at Jakcloth.

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Fabrik Eatery & Bar

A few years ago, I always said : "I'm not afraid of getting fat", but everything changes. So now, this is just another guilty pleasure-post for me. haha. Ya, I love to review places to eat which I have visited. Two days ago, I went to The Fabrik eatery & Bar. It's located on Riau Street, Bandung. Since an old industry concept was happening in town, this place also adopted it. I had remembered something about that place, ya I remembered that I was In The Goods Diner! you know why? It's beacause both places has the same concept.

I treated my self with a sweet creeme brulle freezta. It definitely beats the boring drinks that I usually order. For the steak, I ordered Grilled Tenderloin with mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce. And for the cake, I also tried the current phenomenon in Jakarta and Bandung, red velvet.

 Oh ya, I went to this place with Ulfa, Cessi, and Pandu. Here are what they ordered :

Overall, I prefer The Goods Diner than The Fabrik :) 

What I wore : Pointy collar top - Mochabella's Corner, shoes - Clarks

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Heart-Shaped Purse

Hello guys, how are you? Sorry for not posting anything since last mont, ya as you know...... about my college life. ( Is there another reason about that?) well, better than nothing haha -_-.Honestly, I really want to be a nice blogger with this blog! Btw, It's been a long time since my last outfit post. So, I was so excited to blogging again. Yay! 

About the outfit. As always, I love to put the collar top with anything in my outfit, for this time the shorts would become its bottom. Anyway, It's actually quite boring to buy some bags with square shape. So, I decided to buy a new one. Ya, It's a heart-shaped purse! And ya since I was in the mood for sweet-girl look. I also bought a pair of flat shoes with  floral pattern. Just paired it with my new straw hat, and....... how it looks?

what I wore : star hat - grinitty, mustard top - debenhams, wirstwatch - mirete, brown shorts - Mr. freddy, Hearted-purse - Online shop, flat shoes - Berrybenka

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A quick post!
Oh I think I've been so active blogging since one month ago. It's because I got long holiday from my college life. But, I guess many of you have to go back to college on Monday, right? Ya, me too! Well, it's gonna be busy again. And also I will seldom to post anything again on this blog -_-

So, today I had a photoshoot in the empty yard. That yard was filled up with blady grass. Maybe you'll often to see this place with my newest look! haha.

what I wore : Glasses - New-G, Collar top - thrift store, Knitted top - thrift store, mustard midi skirt - thrift store, oxford boots - adorable project indonesia, sling bag - charles & keith


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Today I discovered my love for denim shorts and denim shirt in one outfit. (That's why the title of this post is.... "Denimadness" haha). The shorts and denim shirt gives my outfit a fresh vintage look. Just accessorized it with a pink belt and polkadot headband. And oh ya, I also paired white socks with mary jane platform to reinforce the vintage look. 

Anyway, my house will be quite for about 3 days. Ya, my mom and my lil sister have been leaving Jakarta for about 3 hours ago. 

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Floral pants

 Accidentally, I just deleted my post about this outfit. So now, I just post some photos only, because too lazy to type again about this post -_-

What I wore : Pink top - Af.Kast Shop, Sling bag - Charles & Keith, Floral pants -Marks & Spencer, Heels - Clarks

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Eid-ul-fitr 2012

Just another late post,
How's your Eid-ul-fitr? Mine was so fun! Ya, For many Muslims around the world, Eid-ul-fitr was celebrated on August, 19. So,  Me and my familiy decided to went to Kuningan, Jawa Barat. Ya, Jakarta becomes empty on the Islamic holiday because almost all the people "Go home to the village". It has been  becoming a tradition since a long time ago. 

Here are some pics when I was at Kuningan :

Ciremai mountain is the highest mountain in West Java!

 Sunset in Kutaradja Village

Happy Eid Mubarak! :)

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