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A few days ago, I've been trying to make some DIY projects. A few are inspired by someone else. For my  first DIY project, skirts are the easiest place to start. No patterns required, No sewing experience is needed. This is a great beginner project, even if you have never made your own clothes before! 

Finally, yesterday I just made a sheer skirt with asymmetrical touch!
I already had a chiffon fabric, so just cut along two front edge with a triangle shape. And tadaaa I'm finished! Isn't so simple? 

What I Wore : Straw hat-ITC Kuningan, Ethnic Necklace-ITC Mangga Dua, White Lace Outer-Thrift Store, Sheer skirt-DIY, Black shorts-F&CO, T-bar Platform-Nine West.

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Cijantung Kampus Expo

Last Saturday, I went to my Senior High School (SMAN 39 JAKART) for attended CIKAMPEX  (Cijantung Kampus Expo). Whoaaaa I really miss this school so much! Since I was accepted at UNPAD, I've never visisted 39, so I was happy and excited for this event.
There're some college that participated in this event, Included my college, "PADJADJARAN UNIVERSITY" (UNPAD). I also participated in that event as a college student from faculty of communication science.
I met a lot of friends and share some story or just had small talk. Really enjoyed that time!
Psssst....... I also saw him! (I wish nothing but the best for you.......) ups sorry for galau-ing =P
(Don't ask me about....," who's he?") hehe =D
 me, cessi, and athifah


 pandu, athifah, me, cessi, rama

 hilda, me, dinda, cessi

ups cessi's eyes.....? she blinked! haha

What I wore : Striped tee-Zara, Black pants-Lee, Flat shoes-Jakcloth,"Almamater"-UNPAD


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T-bar Platform

Hello, It’s me again!

How's your holiday guys? Fun enough? I think it’s so long for me! It’s been one month since I back to Jakarta. And I'm gonna back to Jatinangor  on  february 16 or 18. 
I know that I will be busy again with the college life, so it will decrease my blogging time :(
Btw, finally I bought a pair of T-bar platform! Hip hip hurray!! I’ve been loving this stuff since 5 months ago!
Well, let me introduce that lovely heels to you =P

This platform make me look taller . Absolutely yes....

 Sleepy eyes ~__~
 I bought this bag with 30% discount! I'm a discount hunter $_$ hahaha

What I wore : Bowler hat-Cherokee, Blazer-ITC Mangga Dua, Striped Tee-Zara, Black Shorts-F&CO, Handbag-Guess, Glasses-Centro, Gold Necklace-Timex, Statment Ring-Online Shop, T-bar Platform-Nine West.


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Ready With Red

I'm gonna post my new outfit about the newest stuff (again). 
Honestly I don't like this color, my fave color is pink! (so girly? yes maybe haha) But recently I started to like it! Yes, because red will make your skin brighter :P
Dare to be the centre of attention with this color! Red is hot guys! =D

What I Wore : Statment Necklace-ITC Kuningan, Leopard Top-Online Shop, Red bandage skirt-Basic House, Glasses-New G, Red handbag-Christian Dior, Red Shoes-Chrysalis, statment Ring-Online Shop, Black stone Ring-online shop.

Red always looks hot in black and white.

Simple and look stunning in red shoes. Never failed!

I'm currently in love with statement necklace!

Mom's bag!

Never get bored with statment ring!

B&W photo

Btw, tomorrow I will start driving course for the first time! (it's too late guys -___-)


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Hello again! 
Last week, I went to some places and shopped a lot stuffs. Idk how much money i spent on those stuffs, but I was so happy because I spent what I earned from my own work! errr "my own work?" Yes, finally the latest album on my online shop (Af.Kast Shop) already sold (3 tops remaining) hehe. So, for a few days later I'll post some look about my newest stuff =P
Btw, today was so bright and hot for me. That's why  the title of this post is "Sunshine" =D

Let's see these photos :

What I wore : High heels-Chrysalis, Brown Sheer Skirt-LM for Hardware, Lace Top-Thrift Store, Vintage bag-Moschino (thrifted), Leopard Glasses-Centro, Marilyn Monroe Necklace-bazaar, Wooden bangles-malioboro, Butterfly Ring-bazaar, Belt-unbranded, Gold wristwatch-Timex.

isn't it an awkward pose? -_-

Don't you see there's a "big" sunshine? hem.... "big sunshine"? :S

You can see my look from 3 side on this photo. haha

Another side. Finally I found this sheer skirt!

Tadaa, can you see my face clear enough? hehe.

Aaaa I love this marilyn monroe necklace! <3

Yuhuuuu I bought this glasses with 20% discount.


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HELLOOOOO! It's been six months since I was accepted at unpad. I've been busy from college life, now it's time to back again with my blog! YAY, finally! =D

Btw, do you know about my olshop? hihi. I named it AF.Kast Shop
You can find some vintage stuffs, new stuffs, and accessories with affordable price on it. Please kindly visit my olshop on FB. Cause I just uploaded the new album with the name : Vintagers-1 ;)

These are some pics of it :

 What I wore : Native Top, Denim Shorts, Suede Ankle Boots, Dream Catcher Neklace, Wooden Bangle

What I wore : Brown pocket Shirt, floral necklace, belt, black pants, strappy shoes.

What I wore : Bowler hat, Leopard batwing outer, basic top. denim shorts, suede ankle boots.

And these are just another "awkward" photoshoot =P :

What I wore : Vintage Top, belt, brown midi skirt, strappy shoes. black stone ring.

PS: Sorry if my english still bad enough ;)

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