Saturday, January 7, 2012


HELLOOOOO! It's been six months since I was accepted at unpad. I've been busy from college life, now it's time to back again with my blog! YAY, finally! =D

Btw, do you know about my olshop? hihi. I named it AF.Kast Shop
You can find some vintage stuffs, new stuffs, and accessories with affordable price on it. Please kindly visit my olshop on FB. Cause I just uploaded the new album with the name : Vintagers-1 ;)

These are some pics of it :

 What I wore : Native Top, Denim Shorts, Suede Ankle Boots, Dream Catcher Neklace, Wooden Bangle

What I wore : Brown pocket Shirt, floral necklace, belt, black pants, strappy shoes.

What I wore : Bowler hat, Leopard batwing outer, basic top. denim shorts, suede ankle boots.

And these are just another "awkward" photoshoot =P :

What I wore : Vintage Top, belt, brown midi skirt, strappy shoes. black stone ring.

PS: Sorry if my english still bad enough ;)

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