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Ready With Red

I'm gonna post my new outfit about the newest stuff (again). 
Honestly I don't like this color, my fave color is pink! (so girly? yes maybe haha) But recently I started to like it! Yes, because red will make your skin brighter :P
Dare to be the centre of attention with this color! Red is hot guys! =D

What I Wore : Statment Necklace-ITC Kuningan, Leopard Top-Online Shop, Red bandage skirt-Basic House, Glasses-New G, Red handbag-Christian Dior, Red Shoes-Chrysalis, statment Ring-Online Shop, Black stone Ring-online shop.

Red always looks hot in black and white.

Simple and look stunning in red shoes. Never failed!

I'm currently in love with statement necklace!

Mom's bag!

Never get bored with statment ring!

B&W photo

Btw, tomorrow I will start driving course for the first time! (it's too late guys -___-)



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