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Hello again! 
Last week, I went to some places and shopped a lot stuffs. Idk how much money i spent on those stuffs, but I was so happy because I spent what I earned from my own work! errr "my own work?" Yes, finally the latest album on my online shop (Af.Kast Shop) already sold (3 tops remaining) hehe. So, for a few days later I'll post some look about my newest stuff =P
Btw, today was so bright and hot for me. That's why  the title of this post is "Sunshine" =D

Let's see these photos :

What I wore : High heels-Chrysalis, Brown Sheer Skirt-LM for Hardware, Lace Top-Thrift Store, Vintage bag-Moschino (thrifted), Leopard Glasses-Centro, Marilyn Monroe Necklace-bazaar, Wooden bangles-malioboro, Butterfly Ring-bazaar, Belt-unbranded, Gold wristwatch-Timex.

isn't it an awkward pose? -_-

Don't you see there's a "big" sunshine? hem.... "big sunshine"? :S

You can see my look from 3 side on this photo. haha

Another side. Finally I found this sheer skirt!

Tadaa, can you see my face clear enough? hehe.

Aaaa I love this marilyn monroe necklace! <3

Yuhuuuu I bought this glasses with 20% discount.



  1. Love the skirt and the bag too..
    the glasses is so cute.. Have been looking for it since last month.. would you mind helping me where can I get that.. I prefer inline shop :D
    btw, I've followed u dear..


    1. Thanks dear,
      I bought that glasses at Centro, but.... hsve you ever visisted proopticals's website? http://www.proopticals.com/
      Followed too :)


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