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Still young, classic, and.... me(?)

Sequin and Collar

Pleated mini skirt
£12 -

White tight
$8 -

$38 -

Leather bag

Resin ring
$9.99 -

Juicy Couture gold jewelry
£52 -

Dolce Gabbana matte makeup
£36 -

Maybelline makeup
£99 -

$6 -

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Catch your dreams with three-ball

So many things I wanna tell tou you, I think that I should start by saying  HELLOOOO!! I'm back again guys :D

Aaaaaa I really missed this blog! I've been neglecting my blog since a month ago. (what a poor blog!)
Yes, since my college life already started, I don't have enough time to blogging. But I love my college life, I would rather be here than sitting at home and being bored. 

So far, I already had some fun or awkward things. Last month I experienced a very awkward moment. ( "you" are that awkward moment boy! "you"? yes it's you). If my past made me a better person, I'm grateful to have already known you!

In another time, I also already had some fun with my family and friends. But I can't tell you one by one cause it will be a long story! haha. Btw, I called last week is "a sweet week". Yes, because I already had some sweet things on that week :')

And yesterday I had a photoshoot with my brother, he is my personal photographer =P
Last month, I bought a tribal crop tee! yeah.... you know that tribal style is one of the hottest item on this season, right?


What I wore : Tribal Crop tee-Online Shop, Trousers-Thrift Store, Seuede Ankle Boots-Cherokee, Dream Catcher-Thyo pernik.

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