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How's your long weekend guys? I've been busy for awhile going out to some places, doing some projects, and hanging out with my family in Ancol. On Friday I got the good news from TraxFm. You know what? I won the quiz! and the prize is....... a gold circle ticket for Lady Gaga's concert! (let's hope Gaga keeps the Indonesian monster's money -_-) 

Btw, I've been feeling bored the whole day, and had a photoshoot this afternoon really made me feel happy again.So, the title of this post is "Laughter-noon" :D 

 What I wore : Collar Necklace - Urban Label , L.O.V.E ring - Betsy Besties , Colorful bracelet - Adorable Project Indonesia , Pleated skirt - ITC Mangga dua, Vintage Bag - Moschino (thrifted), Batwing Top - Loubelle, T-bar Platform - Nine West


  1. I love your skirt!!

    Take care :)

  2. you have a good hair! <3
    great style too! love your shoes :)

    do you love to wearing some bracelet? if you do, check out my blog :)
    i'm selling that, thank you! :D



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