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Peterpan Collar Dress

Hello everyone!
I'm back again with my outfit post. Collar top is become one of my favorite items, and I also often to buy detachable collar or collar necklace. But lately, I've been craving for collared dress. Oh ya, just like my previous outfit. I'm in "plain mode", ya I didn't wear any necklace or ring. Maybe, You'll see my newest necklace soon. Yes, in the next post.  So here are the photoshoot with my newest dress.  

 I think I look like a Schooler-girl (?)

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On Sunday, I went to Gandaria City with my old-friend, I met Rara, Nisa, and Wulan. They're my claamates from Elementary school. So ya, it was such a mini-reunion. I'm so glad to had a chance to meet them! 

First stop is Golden Egg Bakery, we bought some portugese egg tart. I like it so much! The taste of those tart are so delicious! Then, we had dinner at Nanny's Pavillon. I love the place, it's unique and comfy. In Gandaria City, have it with sewing room concept. And also I ate some great foods too! Overall, we had a nice dinner at this place.

About the outfit, I always love all about polkadot. The top has two basic color, black & white. So, I just paired with an electric blue midi skirt and oxford boots. The girly look will be gorgeous when you put some boyish look at the same time . And think it's also a good way to paired some basic color with other neon-olor,

 What I wore : Polkadot top - Zara, Bag - H&M, belt - unbranded, Midi skirt - thrift store, Oxford boots - Adorable Project Indonesia

 Portugese Egg Tart

It such an unique concept

err... an awkward pose x_x

me, wulan, rara


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Hello 19!

Huh, it's too late to post anything about my birthday. Yes, I'm no longer as 18th, I'm 19 now! My birthday is actually on 23 July, but I didn't post anything on that day due to gastric disease that I suffered. Well, there's nothing special event on that day. I'm sincerely thankful to my GOD that I was able to receive all the beautiful day with the best lesson in this life. Then, I want to say thanks for all birthday greetings and wishes! I hope that I will be more better year ahead. After this year, I won’t be a teen anymore and I’m sure I will definitely miss a teenage life :')

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How many months of holiday do you get? I get 2 months to break from my college life. Ya, It's going to be loooooong for me. Sure, you might enjoy spending your long holidays locked up in the house with your naughty brother, but why not escape? There are so many things that we can do in this holiday, right? haha. So, I tried to cook churros today! Churros are some fried-dough snack which originated in Spain. Moreover, I also ate a lot of marshmallow. Well, I think I spent this day just stuffing myself with some snacks and of course..... had a photoshoot =P

hmm, maybe I will be loking for another marshmallow with pink & mint color! ;D 
Btw, about the outfit. Pink is my fave color, but now...I'm so in love with mint color! So, I decided to paired it. The pink shorts with lace detail is so sweet, and the blazer with mint color is so lovely! don't forget about the mint socks with some lace on top side.

What I wore : headband - DIY, Pink top - thrift store, Mint blazer - thrift store, lace shorts - Quenelle Belle , mint socks - Topshop , shoes - Gioretti.

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Peplum Frill Tee

As I told you before, I would be posting about my newest stuff (again). I was in SG when I bought these stuffs. As you know, there are no H&M stores in Indonesia. So, I was exciting when I found a big store with the crowds. Yes, H&M store attracted the crowds! Oh ya, I've been craving for peplum top and some stuffs with mint color since a few weeks ago. And finally I found both stuffs at Topshop. Yay! 

What I wore : Collar necklace - Jewels Parlour , Peplum Frill Tee - Topshop , Sling Bag - H&M , Love Ring - Jewls Parlour , Black Shorts F&CO, Over knee socks - Chare Claire, Platform Shoes - Handmade.

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Four Days in Singapore

Hello, I've just returned after having 4 busy fun-filled days in Singapore! 
Well, Singapore is a small country and everything is near by. It has an international atmosphere, good food, plenty of shopping and everything is very clean! So, the whole trip was just enchanting ;D

Oh ya, I went to SG with Ulfa, Tri, and kak Dini. We took a night flight on Saturday. The flight across from Jakarta to Singapore was uneventful and on landing at Changi Airport we went straight to the hotel, checked in, went to mustafa center and then.... went to bed. 

On Sunday morning, we moved to Hongkong St by MRT. Yes, MRT is a super helpful public transportation in SG. The best way to get around would be by MRT! It will take you almost anywhere you need to go. 

Then we took MRT to Boat Quay and Merlion Park. We had a photoshoot at both place. But unfortunately, the larger merlion statue was reapairing when we came. 

Ulfa, me, and Tri

After that, we walked along the crowded Orchard Road. Discounts were everywhere! haha. and then headed to Clarke Quay on the night.

And The next day, we went to Universal Studio and Songs of The Sea. And the last day, headed to Bugis street & junction and went straight to Changi Airport again. Four days are definitely too short for shoppers in Singapore. I definitely gonna come back there soon!

will be posting some stuffs that I bought in SG soon! :D

 Happy Holiday guys!

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