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Hello 19!

Huh, it's too late to post anything about my birthday. Yes, I'm no longer as 18th, I'm 19 now! My birthday is actually on 23 July, but I didn't post anything on that day due to gastric disease that I suffered. Well, there's nothing special event on that day. I'm sincerely thankful to my GOD that I was able to receive all the beautiful day with the best lesson in this life. Then, I want to say thanks for all birthday greetings and wishes! I hope that I will be more better year ahead. After this year, I won’t be a teen anymore and I’m sure I will definitely miss a teenage life :')


  1. Hope you had a lovely birthday <3 Only one more year for me and I'll be 18!


  2. happy birthday kak, best wishes :D

  3. omg! happy bday :D mind if we follow each other? :) i love everything about your blog :)

  4. Happy birthday!! I follow you now! :)
    Could you follow back?


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