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Peplum Frill Tee

As I told you before, I would be posting about my newest stuff (again). I was in SG when I bought these stuffs. As you know, there are no H&M stores in Indonesia. So, I was exciting when I found a big store with the crowds. Yes, H&M store attracted the crowds! Oh ya, I've been craving for peplum top and some stuffs with mint color since a few weeks ago. And finally I found both stuffs at Topshop. Yay! 

What I wore : Collar necklace - Jewels Parlour , Peplum Frill Tee - Topshop , Sling Bag - H&M , Love Ring - Jewls Parlour , Black Shorts F&CO, Over knee socks - Chare Claire, Platform Shoes - Handmade.


  1. yes, I do love your peplum top, so lovely!


  2. hey you look pretty on red :)
    btw, maybe we can follow each other on twitter dear, follow mine @deniathly i'll follow you back :D

  3. truly LOVE IT!!! cute necklace and i adore the outfit!!
    would you like to follow each other? :)


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