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Heart-Shaped Purse

Hello guys, how are you? Sorry for not posting anything since last mont, ya as you know...... about my college life. ( Is there another reason about that?) well, better than nothing haha -_-.Honestly, I really want to be a nice blogger with this blog! Btw, It's been a long time since my last outfit post. So, I was so excited to blogging again. Yay! 

About the outfit. As always, I love to put the collar top with anything in my outfit, for this time the shorts would become its bottom. Anyway, It's actually quite boring to buy some bags with square shape. So, I decided to buy a new one. Ya, It's a heart-shaped purse! And ya since I was in the mood for sweet-girl look. I also bought a pair of flat shoes with  floral pattern. Just paired it with my new straw hat, and....... how it looks?

what I wore : star hat - grinitty, mustard top - debenhams, wirstwatch - mirete, brown shorts - Mr. freddy, Hearted-purse - Online shop, flat shoes - Berrybenka


  1. li, kalo pake stocking, kaki lo jd keliatan gede banget -_-------


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