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Kickfest 2012

How are you guys? Sorry for the late post -_- (again and again)

So, for this time  I'm going to post about my daily outfit. Ya, Last month I went to Kickfest 2012 in Bandung. Don't you know about that event? Have you ever attended that event before? I already went there twice! That event is about local brands that sale their stuff in booth. There are more than 100 local brands which was participated. Flashy and Thyo Pernik is one of my fave!

Actually, I was there for an assignment from my lecture to attended that event. (It such a fun assignment!). I interviewed some of the stakeholders in that event such as teenant, visitor, volunteer, and many more. Oh ya, I also gave some questionnaires. 

so, here are the pics : 


what I wore : Pocket outer - Gaudi, Collar Top - Thrift store, Skinny jeans - Point one, Moccasins - bought at Jakcloth.

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