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A twenty-something freelance writer, blogger, and mom influencer who loves combining vintage stye and modern trends.
Amalia Fajrina

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Feature : Sunslik Hairfashion

Hi, Hi, and Hi, lovely readers! How are you?
Well, It's just a late post. A few days ago I got a good news from Sunsilk harisfashion! you know what? I won as "looks of the month" on November. Not only that, but I'll also get an lovely prize! And the prize is... a shopping gift vo…

Playful Dress

Hi lovely readers! How are you? Been feeling "playful" lately, as I reach for every colorful things with the occasional splash of white here or there. So, today I decided to do a photoshoot on the public street. It's located in front of my house. Ya,  since I haven't done one in a …

Floopy Doopy

Hello lovely readers!!! How's your day ? mine was good enough, but kinda afraid about my final score for the third semester. Btw,  It's been so long since my last post, I'm sorry for that :(. But, I just finished my third semester and now.... I'm going to enjoy every second of "…

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