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A twenty-something freelance writer, blogger, and mom influencer who loves combining vintage stye and modern trends.
Amalia Fajrina

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Brown Shades

Hi! just a quick post,
Today I've been felling lil sad because tomorrow I'll leaving Jakarta and back to my "bored-ing house" (read : boarding house). Ya, because I'm one of college student in Faculty of Communication Science, Padjadjaran University'11. And it's located…

Review : Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 - Day 1

Another hello from me, First of all, I would like to say thank you for IFW 2013 who has given me a chance to participate as a blogger for IFW 2013 and also some fashion show invitations. IFW is an awesome event! too bad that I will not able to follow the whole series of events until the last day :(

Cotton Candy

Hollahuphup! I've been long time looking for a pink skirt, and finally I got it! Really love the color! ya because pink is my favourite color haha. Although I've had a lot of pink stuffs, I've never been bored with this lovely color. It reminds me of cotton candy.
Oh ya, also don't …

Official Blogger For Indonesia Fashion week 2013

Hello friends!
I come with a good news (again)!!! (what a lucky person =P) haha. Have you seen my previous post about Indonesia Fashion week 2013? In that post, I've told you all about that event. And finally, a few days ago I got an email from IFW. You know what? I've been declared as offici…

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

HI! I have a good news for you all!

Do you know about Indonesia Fashion Week 2013? It's one of the fashion event in Indonesia. And I think, it should be the biggest one. Ya because there are so many exhibitors who will be participating in this event.  This event will be held on 14 - 17 February …

Hello February!

Hi again! Just a quick post!
Well, today is the first day of February! So, this is my first post too for this month. I literally can't believe it's February already! Doesn’t time just fly faster and faster these days? Or is it just my own fellings? Haha.  No matter what it is, I just hope th…

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