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Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

HI! I have a good news for you all!

Do you know about Indonesia Fashion Week 2013? It's one of the fashion event in Indonesia. And I think, it should be the biggest one. Ya because there are so many exhibitors who will be participating in this event.  This event will be held on 14 - 17 February 2013 at Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta. With The sarong theme, Indonesia Fashion Week would like to introduce Indonesia's distinctive fabric, besides batik. 

This 2013 event will have new zones;

1. Concept Point
Artists, creative people can display their original work in this zone. This is the zone of creativity where the creator can sell their ideas to buyers who want to adopt the ideas into mass productions. This is a “buyer only” area and prohibited to public.

2. Starting Point
This zone is made for the exhibitor who has complete brand concept from women’s wear, men’s wear, accessories to shoes in one brand. Their brands are ready for export.

3. Green Point
Fashion industry has grown so fast and contributes to world pollution (because of the production waste). Green Zone will display eco-friendly products with innovative designs made by designers/artists.

All zones will accommodate the needs of fashion designers/entrepreneurs; from fresh graduated college students, amateur fashion entrepreneur, young promising designers to established senior designers. There will be 442 booths available and 168 designers and 585 brands participating in this event.

If in Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 the stage is divided into 2 stage; Assembly and Plenary, now all shows will be held in the Plenary stage. This means the designers will have bigger benefit; bigger stage and audience capacity. The other benefit is Indonesia Fashion Week will start to invite foreign fashion buyers so that the participant will have the chance to expand their business better.

The others programs in Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 is Competitions :

Indonesia Fashion Enterpreneur Competition
This is a competition for young fashion entrepreneurs in Indonesia. The winner should represent Indonesian fashion designers in future; not only good in design but also business. The winner will join Hongkong Fashion Week as the exhibitor.

Indonesia Accessories Enterpreneur Competition
Accessories play an important role in fashion. This year, Indonesia Fashion Week challenges all accessories designers/artisan to be a good entrepreneur by joining this competition. The participant will be asked to design 3 items of accessories under one theme which is not only unique but also marketable. The winner will join Hongkong Fashion Week as the exhibitor.

Indonesia has set the goal to be one of the prominent country in the fashion world. The biggest fashion event in Indonesia is happening soon. Don't miss the chance to take part in Indonesia fashion movement!
For more information please visit this following page www.indonesiafashionweek.com

Retrieved February, 3, 2013, from  http://www.indonesiafashionweek.com/about_exhibition


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