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Mixing Patterns

Hip Hip Hellooo! Finally, outfit post again! Yeay :D

I've been wanting to update my blog with pictures of my pastel look but I was distracted with bold color trend. So, now I'm going to start posting about my pastel look again. But wait, I've taken a new self-made challange again! I mixed three patterns in one look just for something different. Actually, I'm not a pro in mixing patterns. I just loved playing around with different vintage style.

A few days ago I found another competition announcement on's website. And yes, I was interested with that competition! I have to make a patterned look and post it on my  blog and Instagram. I've Choosen three paterns for my look. Floral pattern for the cape, Square pattern for the shirt, and tartan pattern for the skirt. 

Let’s join the competition before 31st of March! Clik here. Good luck :) 

 So, here are my patterned look : 

what I Wore : Floral Cape - , Socks - Topshop, Ring - Forever21, Bracelet - LoveDiva, Collar shirt - Thrift Store, Tartan Skirt - Thrift Store,  Shoes - Online Shop, Bag - Online Shop.

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Hi! How's your day? This is another review post. And now, I'm going to review about !

Have you ever heard about before? is the biggest online shopping portal in Indonesia. All your needs about fashion is there! You can find a lot of local or International brands with affordable price.

You can shop easily on ! just click , find a variety of brands, choose the ones you like, process your order, and finally..... just by sitting quitely in your home, your order  will arrive safely! So easy and safe

Oh wait, is not only about shopping but also about their ability to give you a lot of fashion information! For example, you can read an article about tips and trick to wear pencil skirt. It really help you to develop your knowledge about fashion. So, just click their blog here 

 So, what are you waiting for? Just go straight to Dskon website and happy shopping :)


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Red Or-ed

Another hello from me!
A few days ago, I got a news from gogirl magazine. I won as "fashion tag of the week" on gogirl's website. But still waiting for the result from fashion tag of the month! I hope I will be that winner too haha. Actually, I don't really want the prize from that competition. I just want to be featured as a winner.
It's fun to be featured as a winner, especially if it's a result of our own efforts! :)

I've always avoided red lips, thinking I was too young and it would be ridiculous for me. But this month I’ve taken a little self-made challenge. Finally, I've decided to say "hello classic red lips"!!

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Just Can't Get Enough

Hi! Finally, I'm back again! 

First of all, I wanna say hello to this month. Ya, Hello March! 
Sometimes, I thought about my good fortune in some competition or quiz. Ya, I already won several millions rupiah. I'm so grateful! But the problem is..... I've too often wasted some prize. Ya, because I was unable to take the prize hahaha.

The outfit is a follow-up of my current favorite color mood. Pink and mint are my new madness! both color are so adorable! So, like a piece of song lyric....... "I'm addicted and I just can't get enough..." Guess who is the singer of that song? haha :D

 What I Wore : Peplum Top - Bought at The Plaza Semanggi, Floral Pants - Marks & Spencer, loafers - Online Shop, Jelly satchel bag - online shop, floral ring - Thyo Pernik, necklace - online shop.

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