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A twenty-something freelance writer, blogger, and mom influencer who loves combining vintage stye and modern trends.
Amalia Fajrina

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Flowers & Stripes

I'm not in the "good-blogger-mood" now. So,nowIjustwantto sharea piece oflyricsthatrepresentmeforthe last few days : 
"And I wonder when I sing along with you, If everything could ever feel this real forever, If anything could ever be this good again" -  Foo Fighters - Ever…


Hi, I'm so happy to back again!
Now I'm in the bedroom. Enjoying this sunday night with my family, eating some sweet snakcs, and trying to type word by word for the new blog post. Don't you think it's fun enough? haha. Actually, I'm a family-oriented person. So, I prefer to spend…

Vintage Madness

Pfffhh... a late post again!
I've been feeling "on fire" lately. There are a lot of assignments, exams, and other things that should be done. No, no! I won't complain about it! On the contrary, I've feelmotivated torunall ofthese. But now that I’m home, I’m ready to take some t…

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