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Flowers & Stripes

I'm not in the "good-blogger-mood" now. So, now I just want to share a piece of lyrics that represent me for the last few days : 

"And I wonder when I sing along with you, If everything could ever feel this real forever, If anything could ever be this good again" -  Foo Fighters - Everlong

What I wore : Bag - Charles & Keith , floral top and trousers - thrift store.

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Hi, I'm so happy to back again!

Now I'm in the bedroom. Enjoying this sunday night with my family, eating some sweet snakcs, and trying to type word by word for the new blog post. Don't you think it's fun enough? haha. Actually, I'm a family-oriented person. So, I prefer to spend most of my time with family. Oh wait, it doesn't mean that I'm apathetic! For now, I feel more happy if I were in the midst of my family. But it's also fun when I hangout with my friends. The difference lies in how I try to change my days which are usually not with family. Yes, it has happened since I've lived in the boarding house.

Actually, there is no a new special stuff again in this outfit look. I just picked a white collar shirt, and got confused about the bottom. And finally, I found an "old dress" which has a color matched with the shirt. Previously, I thought that it would be weird if I put the top and the bottom in an one look. But, after I tried it. The result looks quite unique! Overlapping isn't always bad if we're able to combine our stuff in a good way :D

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Vintage Madness

Pfffhh... a late post again!

I've been feeling "on fire" lately. There are a lot of assignments, exams, and other things that should be done. No, no! I won't complain about it! On the contrary, I've feel motivated to run all of these. But now that I’m home, I’m ready to take some time to relax for a while, which will include plenty of shopping, as long as my money is still enough. Hahaha.

So, yesterday, I went to Plaza Indonesia. There are a lot of fun when I was there. It's just a lil escape from my hectic days. I bought some stuffs in brown color. I didn't plan for that. It has came naturally! haha.

Been feeling old lately. So, in this post, I pick a pair of brown loafers from Marks & Spencer for my vintage look. I just paired it with another vintage stuffs that I've got from my wardrobe. 

Here are the pics :

What I wore : Brown Loafers - Marks & Spencer, Socks - Topshop, Sling Bag - Charles & Keith, Straw Hat - Grinity, - Lace top & floral skirt - Thrift Store.


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