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Floral Tights

Fiuh..... finally, HELLO AGAIN! 
After some tiring months with it's hectic thing, today is the day where I can type word by word for a new blog post. Yeay!! 

Well, there are so many things have happened over the last 3 months. Almost all of my attention has always focused on college life. It was really a hectic semester! Even I had to work under pressure to completed all tasks. But I don't mind, because pressure used to increase my concentration & dedication. Haha. At least, all those things was become a good lesson for me. Now..... I'm very grateful because that semester was over and holiday has already come! (smirkface). 

About the holiday, there's no special plan for now or the next few days. Because this month is the month of Ramadhan and also rainy season has arrived! So, I think this holiday is a perfect time to hiberante. Just stay in with good food, good movie, good music, and..... the sims 3 university life! haha.

I went to Forever 21 at Grand Indonesia the other day and that white floral tights in front of the cashier caught my eyes! Fortunately, I've been craving for this tights since a month ago. I just paired it with some pastel and brown stuff. 

what I wore : floral tights - Forever 21, bow necklace - Forever 21, floral ring - Forever 21, T-bar Wedges - The Little Things Shee Needs, Bag - Bellezza

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