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"Dramatic Pink Roses"

Hello fellas!
By the way, can you see the difference in this blog? The loyal readers of my blog will certainly be aware that there are some differences in this blog. Ya, I haven't used "Af.Kast" as the title of this blog again. Yesterday, I officially have changed the title of this blog to be "DRAMATIC PINK ROSES". Actually, my desire to change the name of this blog has been around since a few months ago. But just yesterday, I was able to make it happen. After a long-time thinking, the most suitable name to be used as the title of this blog is "DRAMATIC PINK ROSES". Yeay!!! hahaha ( I was so happy guys -_-). As you might have known, the previous layout of my blog was so standard and plain. So, I also made a new design for the new layout. Ya although I am not an artist, I tried to make the best design for this blog with my own ability. Hope you guys love these transformations! haha.

Well, this outfit is my special appearance in order to represent the new title of this blog!
I love pastel color so much. Especially, pink and mint color. But for this outfit, I added some butter yellow and fuschia colors to beautify the outfit. It's so pastellic yet dramatic!

What I Wore : Straw Hat - Grinitty, Yellow Top - Online Shop, Mint Skirt - Zara, Socks - Topshop, Oxford Shoes - Berrybenka, Floral Ring - Thyo Pernik, Picnic Bag - Toys Kingdom. 

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Indonesia Independence Day

Uh, This is too late to post my outfit for Indonesia Independence Day! Ya, It should be posted on August 17th. But unfortunately, I wasn't able to do a photoshoot due to my busy activities on that day. So, this is just another late post from me. I hope Indonesia will be better...better... and better! Live long and prosper! Happy 68th Independence Day, Indonesia!!

About the outfit. Surely, I chose red and white colors to represent the Indonesia's flag which has the same colors. 

What I Wore : Headband and purse - online shop, socks - Topshop, shorts - thrift store, Top - Jakloth.

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Yell It Ow!

Hi again!
Lately, I've been doing lot of activities. but I think it would be too long if I have to tell it one by one. I've had some lovely time for retail therapy, culinary tours, attended several reunions, and visited the home village of my father. Everything has been good and fun! Overall, I enjoyed every single day of the holiday in this semester. Especially, when I get some quality time with family. Well, at least I've become closer with them. I loved how we spend our spare time with a few places to hang out or even just relaxing together at home . Because after the holiday, I'll get back into a routine where I can only meet with my family once a week, or sometimes it will be more.

These pictures were taken a week ago. You won't see any summer outfit on this post. The outfit is definitely not for summer. Ya, I took these pictures on a gloomy day. So,I decided bring out this knit dress and white thights with my outfit. I have to admit, I was never really digging knit dress until I found out how awesome they looked paired with some tights. This might become my new favourite! haha. And last but not least, the moccasins is my choice for this outfit. Oh ya, I got it from monday market which is held at ninotchka.

What I Wore : sling bag - Forever 21, Tights and Dress - Online Shop, Moccasins - Chiel.  

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Ninotchka Time

A few days ago I went to Ninotchka Coffee Parlour & Diner with my friends. As some of you might have known, Ninotchka has been mentioned a lot on blog and twitter. Ya beacuse the owner of this cafe is Sonya Eryka. Ninotchka is located at Citra Garden City 6, Sixth Avenue,West Jakarta. The cafe's atmosphere and decoration has a vintage touch, which is adorned with old lamps, movie posters, wooden tables and chairs, and many more. Ninotchka served homemade cake, fresh-brewed coffee,  cookies, pasta, and also several kinds of lovely desserts with yummy taste and affordable prices. Overall, I love this place, but I thought this place should be expanded :)

 Cookies and Cream Frappe

 Grilled Chicken with Mushroom

Cake in Jar

 Oreo Red Velvet

 Choco Lava

 Athifah, Me, Esti, and Cessi.
About the outfit, I'm currently in black and white-mood. So, this is the outfit that I choosed. 

what I wore : Shoes - Symbolize, Tights - Forever 21, Flared Skirt - Berrybenka, Bird Print Shirt - Berrybenka.

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