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Hi again!
Lately, I've been doing lot of activities. but I think it would be too long if I have to tell it one by one. I've had some lovely time for retail therapy, culinary tours, attended several reunions, and visited the home village of my father. Everything has been good and fun! Overall, I enjoyed every single day of the holiday in this semester. Especially, when I get some quality time with family. Well, at least I've become closer with them. I loved how we spend our spare time with a few places to hang out or even just relaxing together at home . Because after the holiday, I'll get back into a routine where I can only meet with my family once a week, or sometimes it will be more.

These pictures were taken a week ago. You won't see any summer outfit on this post. The outfit is definitely not for summer. Ya, I took these pictures on a gloomy day. So,I decided bring out this knit dress and white thights with my outfit. I have to admit, I was never really digging knit dress until I found out how awesome they looked paired with some tights. This might become my new favourite! haha. And last but not least, the moccasins is my choice for this outfit. Oh ya, I got it from monday market which is held at ninotchka.

What I Wore : sling bag - Forever 21, Tights and Dress - Online Shop, Moccasins - Chiel.  


  1. you look cute with this look <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  2. I love your outfit, the dress is so cute! It's also grat to hear you got to spend some time with your family :))



  3. such a sweet and lovely look ♥


  4. how cute !! i love your polca dress :))


  5. Very nice look ;)


  6. Such a pretty look! Love your blog<3
    totally following you!
    Visit my blog sometimes yeah!


  7. You look so cute !!


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