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Hi fellas!
So, how was your weekend? what did you do?

Well, I'll tell you a cute activity that I have done yesterday. (err.. cute? haha). On afternoon, me and two of my frineds went to Cacaote. It was great having us together in a very cute place! we spent most of the time talking about what's been happening to us since we last met. 

About the place, Cacaote is located in Senopati Rd. Some people might have known, Senopati area has become the new ‘it’ place to be for many Jakartans. So, there are so many good places around this area. One of them is Cacaote! My first impression of the first floor is "cute and girly". This place is totally like the dream world for every girls who loves pastel colors, flower, and vintage! Yay it's so me, right? hehe. From the interior, the exterior, the food, the ambiance, the details on menu till the uniform of waiter gave it a fancy classic feeling. 

A cool interior is one thing, but what about the food? On our visit, We ordered cacaote cake, vanilla eclairs, chocolate eclairs, and vanilla french tea. Overall, the cake has a great taste! I gave Cacaote 8/10. 

About the outfit, I'm back to my fave color again again. hello pink and mint! Btw, this HW midi skirt with an A-line silhoutte would make me look taller. Moreover, I paired it with a pair of paltform heels. 

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I'm on Gogirl! Magazine & Gogirl! Passion Expo!

Hello my lovely readers!

As I promised, I would make a new post about my appearance on Gogirl! Magazine. Well, all of the Indonesian fashion lovers might have known about this superb magazine, right?  Actually, Gogirl! is my fave magazine ever!

So, have you bought a Gogirl! Magazine October issue guys? me? of course already bought it! hehe. Previously, I've also featured in this magazine. But at that time I didn't do the photoshoot at their own studio. I was just featured on the magazine as "100 most stylish readers" with others. But, a month ago there was an employee of  GoGirl! magazine who offered me to do a photoshoot for Rated Stylish rubric. And finally..... I've been featured on Gogirl! Magazine's Rated Stylish rubric! I've had the joy and privilege to be featured on this great magazine! Thanks God :')

Here are the pics :

Last Saturday, I also went to Gogirl! Passion Expo which held at Skenoo Hall, Gandaria City. I really loved that event! there are so many boothes, from culinary booth, education booth, fashion booth, and others. All those boothes was very echanting! especially for the culinary booth! haha. It was such a guilty pleasure for me. Ya, I bought many yummy foods there! Too bad that I couldn't buy more food because there are a lot of boothes which already closed with the writing "sold out". I also had a short-meet up with some Indonesian bloggers! Definitely will come back to this fab event, next year! <3

 me and Lusi

Kak Acil, Kak Monic, and me

Vina and me

What I Wore : Shirt & Pinafores - Thrift Store, Wristwatch - Guess, Ring - Online shop, Bag - Charles & Keith, Loafers - Marks & Spencer

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I have had the joy and privilege to be featured on these great blogs - See more at:
I have had the joy and privilege to be featured on these great blogs - See more at:
I have had the joy and privilege to be featured on these great blogs - See more at:

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Knotted & Knitted

Hello fellas! How are you? I'm very well here.

Have you ever heard the saying about "Habis gelap terbitlah terang"? Ya, almost all of the Indonesian people would have heard about it. So, what exactly would I tell? haha. Actually, I would tell you guys about about what has been happening in my life lately. You know what? My life in the last few weeks has been feeling like that saying. Ya, a few weeks ago I lost my iphone, after that I also lost my wallet with all its contents! But then I got some of lovely news that really made my day! I won two competitions with adorable prizes! Not only that, I also got featured on Gogirl Magazine October Issue! Ya, It will be posted on my next post guys! GOD is indeed fair! :")

About the outfit, this is my first look with the knitted outerwear in a knotted style. Maybe some of you might have known about the knotted style trend. And usually, some of fashion people would adopt this style in a grunge look. But a grunge look is really not my style. So, I prefer to mixed it with a vintage style in plaid skirt, lace top, and lace socks. Voila! this is my modern-vintage look :)

What I Wore : Necklace & Socks - TOPSHOP, Ankle Boots - ZARA, Backpack - Bellezza,Top & Skirt - Thrift Store.

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