Monday, October 21, 2013


Hi fellas!
So, how was your weekend? what did you do?

Well, I'll tell you a cute activity that I have done yesterday. (err.. cute? haha). On afternoon, me and two of my frineds went to Cacaote. It was great having us together in a very cute place! we spent most of the time talking about what's been happening to us since we last met. 

About the place, Cacaote is located in Senopati Rd. Some people might have known, Senopati area has become the new ‘it’ place to be for many Jakartans. So, there are so many good places around this area. One of them is Cacaote! My first impression of the first floor is "cute and girly". This place is totally like the dream world for every girls who loves pastel colors, flower, and vintage! Yay it's so me, right? hehe. From the interior, the exterior, the food, the ambiance, the details on menu till the uniform of waiter gave it a fancy classic feeling. 

A cool interior is one thing, but what about the food? On our visit, We ordered cacaote cake, vanilla eclairs, chocolate eclairs, and vanilla french tea. Overall, the cake has a great taste! I gave Cacaote 8/10. 

About the outfit, I'm back to my fave color again again. hello pink and mint! Btw, this HW midi skirt with an A-line silhoutte would make me look taller. Moreover, I paired it with a pair of paltform heels. 


  1. Wow the place its beautiful the pastry delicious and you look pretty and your friends.

  2. wow what a very classy place. love the vintage interior :)
    anyway you look so lovely as always. love love the platform heels <33

  3. the place looks like a castle and you look like a princess *-*
    thanks for comment on my blog lady, i'm following you via gfc now :)

  4. classy and beautiful place, what a royal interior. you look so pretty in pink and mint.

  5. Wahh pengen kesana dehh.. lucu banget tempatnya ><

    Chic Swank

  6. wow! this is the loveliest place ever! i'd definitely want to hang out here:D


  7. You look shockingly! As usual, like a model!
    Excellent combination of colors!
    You have great taste and style!

    I follow you on bloglovin and GFC :*

    Katherine Unique

  8. So sweet post... I love it! Great pumps! Check out my blog... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?

  9. Lovely pictures. I love the colours and design. It would be cool to follow each other:) Let me know! Kisses, Daria

  10. such a beautiful.. and you look pretty too!!
    thanks for your sweet comment dear.. following you back for sure..♥

  11. great review... deserts looks yummm and you look cute!

  12. OMG, this post is really great! Following you now, mind to followback?

  13. Beautiful interior :D pengen cobain belum kesampean :D


  14. Looks like you had so much fun!
    I really like your blog and your dolly style, I'm now a follower for sure hope you follow me back :3

    SHE WALKS Blog

  15. the cakes looks so yummy <333
    love your outfits so much, cute shoes!


  16. Great post <3
    Check out the Escada Fashion Show in Greece :)

    Your Princess is in Another Castle

    xx Sofie

  17. oh my, the cakes look super tempting right now...
    and the cafe is so cute, i'll make sure to visit this place when I'm back in Jakarta. thanks for the review :)

  18. omg... im craving for those cake now :'(
    such a cute place, wish i can go there someday.. thank you for the recommendation :'')
    btw, i love your outfit especially the collar on your outer.. it looks so eye catching :3

  19. aku pas balik jkt kesana jugaa hihi, tp penuh bgt jd dapetnya di lt atas >< looking adorable from head to toe as always! anyway next time we should meet up yaa wkt itu gajadi :'D