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The Rain is Coming to Town!

Hello fellas!
It’s been a while. Sorry for not posting anything lately! I'm not so busy, I also have many drafts. So, if we blame it on anything, let's blame it on the rain! haha. Ya, because of the cold, my mood for blogging was decreased. In bahasa, it can be concluded with a word "mager"! haha.  But, that statment was quite the contrary. Because it's raining outside, but instead I'm on the process of making a blog post! And of course, I have a cup of hot mocha in order to provide a bit of warmth.
Actually, I really love the rain! I love the rain and the feeling that no matter how wet I get, it draws me into myself, and gives me chance to reflect myself. In fact, sometimes the rain can be used as a moment to remember a past. Then there's also a weird yet memorable smell, for some reason rain seems to accentuate a lot of the glorious aromas of the countryside.
About the outfit. Because it's rainy season, it will be better if we wear jacket or at least bring the jacket everywhere. But, some of you may already know that I rarely wear a jacket. Yes, since I rarely use it, I also bought a jacket so infrequently. So, finally I just had a bit of a stylish jacket. haha. And that beige jacket is my favorite jacket! To made it "light", I paired it with HW shorts. The lace top and a postman bag are another of my fave fashion item. And a pair of ankle boots is a best partner for this outfit. 

what I wore : Jacket - ZARA, Ankle boots - Cherokee, Lace top & HW shorts - Thrift Store, Postman Bag - Online shop.


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