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Hi again! 
A few days ago I found a gorgeous, exclusive and pretty shoe brand. This shoe brand has its own allure. I also have fallen in love with this shoe brand. Once you open SACHLIRENE's website, I'm sure you'll fall in love with  variety of pretty unique designs that they offer. Oh ya, and you'll find wide variety of  shoe on their website.  
Well, let me explain more about this brand. Firts, this brand have an unique characteristic. Yes, their WONDERSOLE is just an amazing idea! You'll get a personal message on each shoe sole that you've purchased. You'll not know the contents of the message before you receive the shoes on your own hand. 
Second, this product has another advantage, which is a feature "Choose My Colors". With this feature, we can choose the color of the shoes that match with our own desires. So, this feature also can enhance the exclusivity of our shoes. 

Third, choosing the correct size for your feet is very important as size matters a lot. Do not worry, SACHLIRENE have a very clear size guide that can help you in choosing the right size of your shoes. only just run the procedure, then you will get the right size for your feet. 

Last but not least, their payment methods are also easy! For Indonesian customer, we can choose to shop in a currency USD or IDR. We can make payment by paypal or bank transfer method.

So, these are just some of my fave shoes from SACHLIRENE! (ah, all these shoes were made for drooling over..... :P)

What are you waiting for? Go click theis website, facebook, or instagram on :

Website   : www.sachlirene.com/id
Facebook  : www.facebook.com/sachlirene.id
Instagram : @sachlirene_id 


  1. This its unique and beautiful awesome idea.

  2. aww lovely post! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Love the last color :D



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