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Hi again!

It's Saturday night and I don't have any plan to anywhere, so let's spread the news about my newest outfit post! Hm, actually this is not a "newest" outfit. This is just another late outfit, ya I know I've been doing that mistake over and over again T__T. But please don't be bored with me and this blog guys! hehe.

(A few hours later.........................)

Well, I just got home from the food place. I went there with my lovely family. We're often to spend a Saturday night by going out of the house. We've really enjoyed our time together. It's always like that, and I hope it will always be like that  forever. Usually, we'll doing some fun-times without any plans. Ya, my  dad is a spontaneous-man! haha. In the end,  something spontaneous would always be more convincing. hehe :))

About the outfit, this is another "crop top-look" that I'll show to you guys.  Maybe, some of you might have known that I really really loved all about floral. All the things that have floral accents will quickly steal my eyesight! I just paired that floral crop tee with a plaid skirt to gave a casual yet neat look. 

what I wore : Floral crop tee - Forever 21, Sling bag - Forever 21, Shoes - Topshop, Necklace - Forever 21, Plaid skirt - Thrift Store, 



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