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A twenty-something freelance writer, blogger, and mom influencer who loves combining vintage stye and modern trends.
Amalia Fajrina

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La Vie En Black

"Heels are a must. The higher the better. And when in doubt, go with black - Leigh Lezark" Hi, have you heard about the quote above? Ya, maybe some of you might have known about that "black rules". Black on black, you can never go wrong with wearing black! It’s all about the way…

PARC 19 - Bistro Terrace

Helloagain! Well,Iwill bebackto postanotherfood placethat I visited. Oh ya of course with an outfit post! A fewweeks ago, Ihadan appointmentwithone ofmy senior high schoolfriendstomeetatPARC19.  Wehave spenttimetherefor lunch, chatting, andof courseto takesome pictures.

From the outside, aglassbuildi…

Le Cafe Gourmand

Hi, Hi, Hi! I'm back again with another place, another look, and another ambience. haha
Recently, I've been searching for some cute food places. It takes more time to exploring all the place. But I do love this kind of activity! Maybe I could be a food blogger, but no, I'm not! haha. At …

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