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Le Cafe Gourmand

Hi, Hi, Hi! I'm back again with another place, another look, and another ambience. haha

Recently, I've been searching for some cute food places. It takes more time to exploring all the place. But I do love this kind of activity! Maybe I could be a food blogger, but no, I'm not! haha. At least, it makes me become more fat every day by day (Oh no T_T hahaha). For this post, I'll show you a good place at Gunawarman, it's called "La Cafe Gourmand". I enjoyed every little thing in this place. The foods, the ambience, the decoration, and others. I would probably recommend this place!

Do you remember about checkered print trend in fashion? Remember last fall at fashion week in Paris when the runway was literally invaded with some squares in black, white, yellows and mellow greens? Then there are the colored check prints that look amazing if you know how to wear them. All in all the check prints looked amazing. In real life… I’ve got my doubts about this checkered trend, hence the hard time I had finding "my mood" for this trend. Actually the checkered colored outfits are more easily styled and tend to look a bit more fresh. Well, I'm not a fashion hipster, because I'm more into vintage or classic style. So, I've missed this trend wave. But a few weeks ago I decided to picked this previous trend into my look. At least, a mini checkered print on my top ;)

 what I wore : Top - H&M, Shoes - TLTSN, wristwatch - Guess, Bracelet - Forever21, Sling Bag - Mayonette.


  1. Great pictures you look pretty.

  2. i like the mini checkered print on your top! cute detail :)




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