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PARC 19 - Bistro Terrace

Hello again!
Well, I will be back to post another food place that I visited. Oh ya of course with an outfit post! A few weeks ago, I had an appointment with one of my senior high school friends to meet at PARC 19.  We have spent time there for lunch, chatting, and of course to take some pictures.

From the outside, a glass building that adapts the style of 30s-style rustic-looking classic with a row of wine bottles lined up as the window. When I stepped inside, I could see that this place is spacious with furnished wood and bricks and cement flooring. In addition, the area of ​​indoor and semi-outdoor area was also available.

For the menu, Parc 19 is very concerned about the quality and freshness of food flavors. Parc 19 serves western and oriental menus, as well as a breakfast menu. Overall, the food, beverage, and dessert were quite tasty.

About the outfit, I decided to pick a neat yet casual outfit for that day. Oh, or it could be called as "smart casual". I define neat casual as a shirt or another similar tee and jeans or slacks in very good condition. No holes, rips, tears, patches, no super low cut, and no writing on the pants. And paired it with heels or wedges to make a semi-formal look. 

what I wore : Top - Online Shop, Neacklace - Forever 21, Wristwatch - Guess, Bracelet - Forever 21, HW Pants - Topshop, Platform Heels - Adorable Project.


  1. Place look amazing you look great.

  2. will be on place list to visit

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  3. kayaknya disana banyak tempat makan asik yaa <3 hehehe
    you look so sweet dear :)

    This is real and This is me


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