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A twenty-something freelance writer, blogger, and mom influencer who loves combining vintage stye and modern trends.
Amalia Fajrina

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Hi fellas! 

Every woman needs to have some beautiful dress for any special occasion events. By having a beautiful dress, you'll be feeling more confident and happy while wearing them. Moreover, if you'll become the center of attention while wearing a wonderful dress. It 's certainly a pr…


Wow a very quick post! There are two new post at the same day! Since many drafts that have been waiting to be posted, So I had to speed up the timing of posting between one post to another post. I hope you'll not be bored to read all my posts! >,<
Okay, I'll start this post with a litt…

Halloween 2014

Hi! again again and... again...  ya, this is another late blog post guys. Most of the time, if I’m being honest, I have pretty poor time management skills. So... I'm sorry for any lack on my blog posts. But I'll always try to fix it, especially about my time management problem :(
Well, hallo…


"Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever that word means." - Karl Lagerfeld

Monochrome is certainly having a moment right now! Of course, monochrome is nothing new. But the black-and-white look has become a trend again lately. Classic yet simple is the phrase that represents this loo…

"Billy Tjong for Zalora"

Hi fellas! How are you? Actually, this is a late post about fashion event. Do you know about Billy Tjong? He is a fashion designer from Indonesia. Billy Tjong has just officially announced if he will work together with an online retailer shop, Zalora. In this cooperation, there are 37 fashion ready-…

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