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Wow a very quick post! There are two new post at the same day! Since many drafts that have been waiting to be posted, So I had to speed up the timing of posting between one post to another post. I hope you'll not be bored to read all my posts! >,<

Okay, I'll start this post with a little story about the outpouring of my heart :D. Actually, during my past 3 years has become a fashion blogger, I must admit that the picture quality on my blog is still fairly poorly. That's because I'm not using a proper photographer in every photoshoot. So, I think the result of any images are also not good  enough. (Ya, maybe it's one of the best reasons haha). 

But after a few months ago, I've met someone who fills every day by day. He was a special man who has God created to meet me on nine months ago. He is a tough, a kind-hearted, and a mature man. He is a simple man that always impress me with all his ability to live this life. It's not just "gombalan" or some words that are created from a woman who are in love. But this is a form of my happiness and honesty. Maybe he is not handsome :p, not charming, not like a prince, and not romantic :(, but he is someone who always makes me feel protected, He could always makes me want to always be nearby, and absolutely he is my hero! Well, his name is Sky. (It's his special nickname from me :p)

Actually he is not a great photographer, even also not accustomed to using any DSLR cameras. But some time ago he wanted to learn photography and it turns quite quickly  to mastered some basic techniques. As I said before, he is able to do everything :p. So, last week I decided to do photoshoot with Sky. From that moment, I finally got a personal photographer hahaha :D. 

what I wore : Top - FOREVER 21, Skirt & bag - Berrybenka, Boots - H&M


  1. Aww how sweet!♡♡ I know that feelings you describe when we're impressed with a simple things guy done to us.

    Anyway, your shoes isss reallyyy awesome!loveitt♡♡


  2. you are pretty! anw kak kita blm follow2an di blog ya? I'm following you now :)



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