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Halloween 2014

Hi! again again and... again...  ya, this is another late blog post guys. Most of the time, if I’m being honest, I have pretty poor time management skills. So... I'm sorry for any lack on my blog posts. But I'll always try to fix it, especially about my time management problem :(

Well, halloween is an excellent excuse for adults to dress up in ridiculous costumes, eat lots of candy, and play games. You may not be able to go trick-or-treating anymore, but that shouldn't stop you from celebrating the costume party with a fun party. So, a few weeks ago I received an invitation from dreamers radio to attend their event called "Dreamers Market - Halloween in Town". They have invited some fashion bloggers to attend a costume party in celebration of Halloween. I enjoyed the event that took place last month. There were dj performances, artists, some unique booth, and absolutely many peeps with their own  gorgeous costume. Oh ya, I went to that Halloween party dressed as a cinderella! I actually need extra preparation to become a princess cinderella, although quite complicated, I am happy and loved it :D

So here are some of my outfit look (as a cinderela) with others fashion bloggers :


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