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Mermaid Skirt

Hi again!

Midi skirts have been on trend for a while. What about the mermaid skirt? I have seen a few fashion bloggers rock this trend. Do you know about this cutie skirt? The Mermaid Skirt offers a fluid cut in a flattering, figure skimming silhouette. You can go formal chic or casual chic  with this skirt. Just pick a monochrome style or maybe paired it with your pattern top. Alternatively, you can wear it with a crop top or a fun sweater. Oh ya, you can pick any kind of high heels or wedges to beautify your overall lookThis beautiful skirt is the ideal addition to your fashion closet!

Last week, I went to Paris Van Java Bandung with my boyfie. It was our kind of casual date. Actually, we also often to do a-little-celebration-date on our monthsary. And incidentally, that day was a few days after  our 9th monthsary. Maybe something like this is still looks like childish, but the fact.. it's gives the humor and different pleasure in every our month. Due to that, we will always wait for the next month, and then the next will always work that way. This is one thing that will keep the relationship running in silly yet fun way :D.

Here are my outfit pic for that day :

what I wore : Floral crop top - H&M, Mermaid Skirt - @bandagefever on IG, Sling bag - Forever 21

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