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My kind of Casual yet Sporty Outfit

Another casual day with my bf. A couple of days ago, we met some of our friends for lunch together. So here are my outfit for that day. 

what I wore : Shoes - Nike free, Bag - Zara, Skirt - Berrybenka, top & denim jacket - Gaudi.

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Preppy Chic with Mom's Vintage Skirt

Hello again.

A few days ago I had a late lunch with my boyfie at Maxi's Resto, Bandung. Maxi's Resto was so comfy with their good atmosphere, good foods, and surrounded by greenery. All of it is also supported by the air of Bandung city that always enchanting me. This city has always made me want to come back. Ya, Bandung. A city with the friendliness of it's citizens, and now already has a million memories of the two of us.  

The other week I was feeling particularly grateful for how happy we are. Since we're both no longer have class schedules, we become often spend time together. Wherever it is, he's always willing to accompany me to do various activities. From accompany me to shopping at the mall, have lunch or dinner, watch a movie, to explore beautiful places out there. and.... Oh! one of the most important for this blog life, be my personal photographer! ya, of course! hahaha ;P. Actually, it doesn't mean we are free from all college affairs. Yes, because we haven't graduated from college. But we were both going through the process of writing an undergraduate thesis. When I was getting dizzy with the thesis, he became one of people who always listened to all my complaints. Besides responded by giving good advice, he could also be invited to discuss about everything. For me, you're my mood booster, sky. Thank you for always here in the last days of of our college life. We must keep the spirit up! We must complete the thesis immediately! Go!go!go! :D


What I Wore : Headpiece - Forever 21, Bag - Zara, Heels - Forever 21, Skirt - Mom's, Shirt - unbranded. 

Btw, soon we will face of Ramadan, have you prepared your Moslem dresses? I've checked on zalora website and I have found many beautiful Moslem dress! you will get the model that you want because zalora provides many models! You should check it out here.

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The Green Forest Resort

Too lazy to write anything. Pardon my bad mood.

"I went to the Garden of Love, And saw what I never had seen: A chapel was built in the midst Where I used to play on the green." - William Blake

What I Wore : Sunglasses - Rayban, Outer - thrifted, crop top - Forever 21, Hi-waist pants - Topshop, Loafers - Zara, Bag - Bershka

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The Vintage Rocker

Another hello from Bandung,

Do you know about Asia-Africa Street? It is one of the legendary area that has a historical value and special attraction in Bandung. How come? Yes, because this area has been the venue for the Asian-African conference. I've seen this area several times when driving around the city, but never really stopped to look at it until a few weeks ago when I went to that area. It was a great place for a leisurely stroll or bicycle ride, a lot of old building spanned across the street and has several places of interest worth visiting. One such attraction is the Gedung Merdeka. The building that houses the museum is in itself a historical landmark since it was used as the Asia-Africa Conference.

About the outfit, my fave stuff from this look is a pair of chunky heels from NewLook. It reminds me of Jeffrey Campbell's heels. Looks so edgy and cool! To completed the  rocker vibe, I decided to put a leather jacket as my outer. But I didn't want to look too rock. So, I paired it with a vintage sling bag and floral midi skirt to gave the impression of a vintage rocker.

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Into The Woods

Finally, the time span between this new post and the previous one is very fast! Actually it's not about my "gercepness" but it is precisely because I have some drafts that haven't been published due to my laziness :(

Well, maybe the title of this post sounds familiar to you. Yes, because I adopted the title of this post from one of the movie title, "Into The Woods". Since the relevance of the title with my photoshoot background looks quite significantly, so I choosed this title.

A few days ago I walked around the forest. Just called it THR Ir. Djuanda,it's located in Bandung. I went there with my personal photographer (re:my boyfie) :p. He accompanied me to get around the forest and then we did the photoshoot. Ya, so far, he has became my best partner to did the photoshoot. 

About the forest. Exploring this forest felt pleasant. I quite enjoyed it's cool air, shady trees, comfortable atmosphere, and gusts of wind that greeted us occasionally.I felt a peace which was far from the bustle of the urban din.

About the outfit. The theme of my outfit called "Black Shades for Spring". I think use some colors on your S/S outfit is boring and mainstream. So why you don't go from that mainstream phase then choose your black stuff to highlighting your appearance? Because black is the color that being loved nowadays. Just put your dark side into coolness, an voila.. here are my dark side ;) :

What I Wore : Hat - H&M, Dress - FOREVER 21, Boots - H&M, 


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Edgy & Sporty

Hi again!

It's been over three months since my last post. I am so bad at this blogging thing! Well, to be fair, I have been really busy with various things. Which one of them is about my college life. Ya, since I start working on the thesis, this blog became increasingly forgotten. I still have so much more things to share, but having some responsibilities in addition to trying to finish my thesis is not conducive to incessant blog posting. So sorry, my deary blog :(

Oh ya, I think my style has changed a lil bit since a few months ago. And it's more edgy and sporty now. I just want to send a young-and-fresh- vibe into my self. It's highly represented by sneakers and casual dress that I choose. But to keep my vintage style in my outfit, I added my fave fedora hat. So here are the outfit :

What I Wore : Hat - H&M, Dress & Clutch - Colorbox, Sneakers - Nike.


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Sweater Weather, Blogger!

Hi again!

Actually, today is not a good day for blogging. The gloomy weather makes me feel lazy to arrange some good words into this newest blog post. Ah, blame it on (a-moody) me -_-

What I Wore : Top - Bershka, Skirt - H&M, Sneackers - New Look, Sling bag - Berrybenka.

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