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Into The Woods

Finally, the time span between this new post and the previous one is very fast! Actually it's not about my "gercepness" but it is precisely because I have some drafts that haven't been published due to my laziness :(

Well, maybe the title of this post sounds familiar to you. Yes, because I adopted the title of this post from one of the movie title, "Into The Woods". Since the relevance of the title with my photoshoot background looks quite significantly, so I choosed this title.

A few days ago I walked around the forest. Just called it THR Ir. Djuanda,it's located in Bandung. I went there with my personal photographer (re:my boyfie) :p. He accompanied me to get around the forest and then we did the photoshoot. Ya, so far, he has became my best partner to did the photoshoot. 

About the forest. Exploring this forest felt pleasant. I quite enjoyed it's cool air, shady trees, comfortable atmosphere, and gusts of wind that greeted us occasionally.I felt a peace which was far from the bustle of the urban din.

About the outfit. The theme of my outfit called "Black Shades for Spring". I think use some colors on your S/S outfit is boring and mainstream. So why you don't go from that mainstream phase then choose your black stuff to highlighting your appearance? Because black is the color that being loved nowadays. Just put your dark side into coolness, an voila.. here are my dark side ;) :

What I Wore : Hat - H&M, Dress - FOREVER 21, Boots - H&M, 



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