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Preppy Chic with Mom's Vintage Skirt

Hello again.

A few days ago I had a late lunch with my boyfie at Maxi's Resto, Bandung. Maxi's Resto was so comfy with their good atmosphere, good foods, and surrounded by greenery. All of it is also supported by the air of Bandung city that always enchanting me. This city has always made me want to come back. Ya, Bandung. A city with the friendliness of it's citizens, and now already has a million memories of the two of us.  

The other week I was feeling particularly grateful for how happy we are. Since we're both no longer have class schedules, we become often spend time together. Wherever it is, he's always willing to accompany me to do various activities. From accompany me to shopping at the mall, have lunch or dinner, watch a movie, to explore beautiful places out there. and.... Oh! one of the most important for this blog life, be my personal photographer! ya, of course! hahaha ;P. Actually, it doesn't mean we are free from all college affairs. Yes, because we haven't graduated from college. But we were both going through the process of writing an undergraduate thesis. When I was getting dizzy with the thesis, he became one of people who always listened to all my complaints. Besides responded by giving good advice, he could also be invited to discuss about everything. For me, you're my mood booster, sky. Thank you for always here in the last days of of our college life. We must keep the spirit up! We must complete the thesis immediately! Go!go!go! :D


What I Wore : Headpiece - Forever 21, Bag - Zara, Heels - Forever 21, Skirt - Mom's, Shirt - unbranded. 

Btw, soon we will face of Ramadan, have you prepared your Moslem dresses? I've checked on zalora website and I have found many beautiful Moslem dress! you will get the model that you want because zalora provides many models! You should check it out here.


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