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The Vintage Rocker

Another hello from Bandung,

Do you know about Asia-Africa Street? It is one of the legendary area that has a historical value and special attraction in Bandung. How come? Yes, because this area has been the venue for the Asian-African conference. I've seen this area several times when driving around the city, but never really stopped to look at it until a few weeks ago when I went to that area. It was a great place for a leisurely stroll or bicycle ride, a lot of old building spanned across the street and has several places of interest worth visiting. One such attraction is the Gedung Merdeka. The building that houses the museum is in itself a historical landmark since it was used as the Asia-Africa Conference.

About the outfit, my fave stuff from this look is a pair of chunky heels from NewLook. It reminds me of Jeffrey Campbell's heels. Looks so edgy and cool! To completed the  rocker vibe, I decided to put a leather jacket as my outer. But I didn't want to look too rock. So, I paired it with a vintage sling bag and floral midi skirt to gave the impression of a vintage rocker.


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