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Sporty Fierce

What I Wore :
Choker - @ladylunastore, Bomber Jacket, Sling bag, & Slip On - ZARA, Bodycon dress - H&M.


Last Saturday, I was so happy! Why?

Ya, some of you who follows me on Snapchat (amaliafajrina23), instagram (@amaliafajrina), path, or facebook probably might already know that last 23rd July was my 23rd birthday! 

So, that day, I woke up with a lil smile on my face. My happiness also double increased because my LDR-boyfie had promised to come over to my house in that afternoon. Ya, since we're in LDR, every single day is worth waiting for.

About the outfit, that's what I wore for my birthday (yet our Satnite) dinner.  I loveeee to combine different themes in one look. 

So for this time, I pick a sporty yet fierce look for the theme. The sporty's side were represented by bomber jacket and slip on. And the fierce's side were represented by choker and black bodycon dress. Then the black sling bag was a balancer of this look. 

Btw, bomber jacket and choker has been trending lately. Yashh! the 90's street style trend is everywhere! Cutoffs, a sexy bodysuit, flares, and choker are so lovely! The bomber is a perfect way to top it all off. And absolutely, they're my-must-have-items for this year!


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  1. superrr duper cool!
    love the shoes<3



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